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Our Father

The Our Father is a special prayer and through it we are invited to a close bond with God. It is a true blessing that we have been given to call Him Father. Our human Father experiences are variant, as human will is up to us as humans. However, know that by having the will to love God and call Him Father may be the divine mercy that you are seeking. Rest in him and trust in God. For He is your heavenly Father, all good and all deserving of all your love. #faithfulprofession #WellfulOfGrace #lent2020

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Walk with Christ

This year, I have decided to write various reflections based on the liturgical year. Thoughtful words that feel right for the moment, inspired directly from the pen and paper of my faith journal.

The first series will focus on the stations of the cross. In September of last year, I attended a retreat that was life changing. This three day silent retreat helped me to engage with Jesus, Lord, the Holy Spirit and our Mother, Mary by inviting them to help me feel a deeper connection to Jesus’ steps along the stations of the cross.

In the fourteen weeks leading up to Easter, I will release writings from my walk with Christ along the stations. The words will be edited with minor changes and meant to take you with me through the stream of emotion and very real experience.

My prayer is that you find something from these writings that touches you and feels meant for you on your journey of faith.

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