Are you looking for inspiration in the Catholic Church?

Ever feel called to go to confession, and stop in your tracks because you are embarrassed about forgetting that prayer to recite at the end (Act of Contrition)?

Are you curious about the Catholic faith and want to learn more about what it means to be Catholic? Why is going to church important? Looking for a way to spend a few minutes a day in prayer and not sure where to start? Wonder how to pray the rosary? Looking to find time for yourself?

Wellful of Grace is here for you

Wellful of Grace offers you daily online readings, virtual rosary, prayer cards (pdf), inspirational blog posts (coming soon) and more! All of these droplets of content are created for you by one who is learning along with you.

  • Online Catholic daily readings last 3-6 minutes for the day. Each reading has beautiful new imagery each day of nature and faith inspiring locations.
  • Interested in learning the rosary? Experience the virtual rosary with moving marker that shows the beads and prayers. Only have time for a decade? No problem, time stamps provide an easy and fast way to pick up where you left off. 
  • Blog posts are written about topics related to the Christian faith with thoughtful and engaging perspectives. 
  • Free downloads of prayer cards, rosary guide of the holy mysteries and more!

Nice to “meet” you!

My name is Ann Greazel. I am Catholic. I am not perfect, not always been as excited to get up for Mass on Sunday as these days and continuing to learn more about the faith. I am a graphic designer, website builder, wanna-be writer and willing to shed some pride and walk along-side you with a hope to learn from you so that we can all become a better group of people and pay it forward to others as we are called.

In June of 2019, I had a surgery that required 6 weeks of recovery. That meant, not working my full-time job as a project manager for a web development team and resting!? Since about 1998, there hasn’t been a time in my career that allowed me to stop, and breathe. Actually be still and let thoughts roll through my head. Sit on the deck and understand the beauty of watching a goldfinch eat out of a birdfeeder. It’s during this time that a calling of doing something more with the Lord’s word essentially got louder. It was through the Holy Spirit and my cousin, that planted the seed of using YouTube that started Wellful of Grace. Honestly, it hadn’t crossed my mind to go video style. I had just closed my Facebook account after long deliberation and now was called to YouTube? But on the drive back from seeing her and my family, this concept took hold of my heart. And here I am over 20 videos later, producing daily readings online and a website trying my best to answer God’s call.

God’s call

What was the call? Well, still trying to figure that out. The first motivating factor for starting the daily readings, was recalling an experience that I had in high school, volunteering in the hospice unit of our local hospital. A woman named Gretchen and I became friends in her last months of life. She listened to Psalm 23 on a cassette player through headphones that were loud enough to hear clearly across the room. With poor eyesight and losing her ability to hear, Gretchen clinged to the Lord’s word. When my shift brought me to her room, she would light up as I enjoyed reading her the Bible very loudly. The experience was one that allowed me to have such a passion for helping her become closer to God that I didn’t care if the hallway could hear our prayers. It’s through this memory that the daily readings were born and through that same leap of joy for the Lord (that I had forgotten), to go ahead and make videos that certainly aren’t perfect, but done for you and also for the Gretchen’s of the world.

Daily readings

With a very soft launch of these daily readings, I figured, it wouldn’t hurt to see what happens. The number of views do not indicate the joy and inspirational stories from folks who have found our piece of the online world. Yes, it is ours. It’s you and me. It’s all of us. Some listen to the readings to stay calm and rest. Others to hear the word of the Lord by a lay person or view imagery that reminds them to pay attention to the beauty of the Earth.


The most valuable treasure that Wellful of Grace has to offer you is grace. You are living now, in an age of multi-tasking and technological advancements improving moment to moment, literally. Your phone probably has an update waiting for you, right now, right? Decisions for how you spend your time need to be made in split seconds. Kids have to be taken to events and activities. Is making supper even an option for tonight? Something that you will find here is hopefully a sense of peace and a place where you can unwind and find a couple moments to yourself. Maybe even an idea that can bring  you happiness and joy. Perhaps you can begin to feel like the Samaritan woman at the well who ran to town spreading the good news of the Lord, leaving her jug for water behind, knowing it was not the water that she needed, but an unbelievable faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Thank You

Big hug to my husband, Matt, for his daily support of this adventure and who grows much of God’s creation that you see in the daily reading videos. Thank you to my Mom and Dad, all of our family and true friends (especially my good buddy, Ralph!). Love to you all!

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