Station 12

Station 12: Jesus dies on the Cross

By Ann Greazel

Stations 12 thru 14 were written in my room as the chill and rain and wind came

“Into your hands I commit my spirit. It is accomplished.”

Standing at the foot of Jesus’ cross is made physically possible by artists beautifully creating this experience. Short of maybe seeing St. Pope John Paul II in person, one of the most meaningful moments in my life, to experience these stations. It is through Jesus that I have received sacraments of Eucharist, Baptism, Reconciliation, Confirmation and Marriage. All touching moments of my life. 

The Lord died for us, on a cross. Through all of these sacraments and thirsting for the Lord – I realize now, that I was not ready for any of them. Yet Jesus came into my life through the teaching of His love by my Mother and Father. Mom and Dad, whom Jesus put together and gave a little girl, a symbol of their love for God and for each other, along with my other siblings. I am not worthy of that either. A daughter who could never be as good as they deserve. Yet, Jesus still loves me and gives my beautiful folks the strength to still love me, unconditionally through all of my faults, wrong turns, lost in Christ at times. And he gives me the strength to always love them and be grateful for their faith in Him who they so dearly trust.

God gave me the husband that I had hoped for as a young girl, sitting on the fence post in my backyard. As a child, I asked God for qualities in a man that are all present in my loving husband. The prayer of which I believe to have been answered by the grace of God because of our love and because of those gone before us who have been part of this divine intervention as that was also part of my prayer. 

It is challenging not to sink into a heap on the ground, looking up at Jesus full of unworthiness and pain from being led by human tendencies instead of by God. We have been given the gift of reconciliation to strengthen our bond with God. To experience His mercy. We are not deserving, but we are given mercy despite everything and to not accept is hurtful to our love. Our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

We are on this Earth to recognize the brutal, most horrendous pain of the Lord Jesus Christ and recognize that we, yes us, you, me, as a people, his creation are what caused him to die on a cross and that through all of our fault, most grievous faults, we are shown Mercy. He gave us love and mercy in return. We are to carry on and show others of His generous mercy and forever love of his people. That we have been given free will, because without it, we are not free. And it is through our choice that we can be strengthened in him to help each other and work together to bring peace and light to the world. Jesus asked his Father to forgive us. He knew His mission of God. Where would we be today, what kind of world would we be (or would we) if Jesus did not pray for the Lord to forgive us? 

Where would we be if Mary had not answered yes to bringing Jesus into the World? Mary had free will. Mary had a choice. Sacrificing everything. Feeling the responsibility of the Savior of the World … who is lost at one point … can we ever feel that burden and her relief, along with Joseph, finding Him where he is meant to be in a temple? Mary knows all pain, responsibility, unconditional love of motherhood. Mary, please guide me to see how you see, and your motherly care to others. As women, we are all called to be Mothers. We are called to bring motherly care to those around us. It does not mean that we must raise children of our own to do that. We can all be teachers of Christ to people and care for people as women and men through Christ. Each, a unique purpose.

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