Station 13

Station 13: Jesus’ body is taken down from the cross

Ann Greazel

Stations 12 thru 14 were written in my room as the chill and rain and wind came

Mary is given her only son’s limp, lifeless, tortured body. To feel his wounds and hold his face in her hands. His body is not removed with care and given to her without remorse.

How Mary? How are you willing to be our Mother after weeping over your only son’s body, our Lord and savior? How much pain as a Mother knowing that you could not save Him from the cruelty and death.

Thank you, Mary for still continuing to love and care forus and interceding for us and bringing our petitions to Jesus, your only son. Bearing our ignorance and impatience. I long to feel you near me as my Holy Mother. You are my safe place on the road to Jesus, my guide and my love, Amen.

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