Station 14

Station 14: Jesus is layed in the tomb

By Ann Greazel

Stations 12 thru 14 were written in my room as the chill and rain and wind came

Seeing the angel in the tomb of Jesus, carrying His crown of thorns. Large wings standing over Jesus. It makes me think of the times especially during challenging health scares and feeling the presence of my guardian angel covering me with their wings. It makes me think of the times that miracles have saved those close to me.

One of the kindest acts of a human soul I experienced was when one of my dear friends asked that his guardian angel join mine to watch over me and willed his guardian angel to leave his side for mine. 

There is such sadness as I stand inside the tomb of Jesus. Through art, able to actually stand inside a tomb. And if not for Joseph of Avilla? Giving up His tomb for Jesus, He would not have a tomb. How hurtful. How gracious. How unbearingly sad.

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