By Ann Greazel

A gentle rain begins now.

Simon reaches for your cross, despite reservation and leaves his wife and children behind in the crowd. There are many times in my life where I have done something for others that has left my family behind. The discernment to make certain of your call to do so is challenging, not because of your voice Lord, but because of the earthly things that get in the way.

You show me joy for doing things that you have called me to do even if I feel a great need to follow discipline of normal routine. Other times I have recognized my own resentment for not following through and felt a mess of my heart. Yet other situations bring resentfulness of my choice to my husband or family.

The reaction is hard for me to take mercifully, as for them. Please guide me to your Word and perhaps allow for me to have the time I need to be able to communicate and share your call with those closest to me. Please help me to surrender all to you.

Let you lead me and help me to be a light of your grace and mercy. Help me to see more clearly your intent and feel your arms around me as I lay into your chest for comfort that I do not deserve. Thank you for carrying me and being with me and my family. I ask to feel the presence of your Mother, Mary and listen for her words of guidance. Please help me to experience her motherly care. Amen.

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